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Lemmings & Lemmings II (for Amiga computers)



About 12 years ago when I was in hi school, when PCs and internet were still not dominant. One day we went out with my father to by a new Amiga computer. It was on the peak at that day. I was so happy. Back in home I unpacked it immediately. It already came with 5 games inside. One of the games was in a mini box, with a single disk and small manual. It looked just like another cartoonic type. In fact, inside that single disk was a revolution with NO exaggeration.


Lemmings was a completely new type of puzzles (If I could call it a puzzle). Never before seen on the scene something like it. You guide Tiny creatures (Lemmings) to reach the goal door. Simply said, But the lemmings are not so intelligent. they're only intelligent enough to follow your orders. Other wise, They just walk, walk and walk. You have limited amount of tools to give your lemmings. You can make a lemming climb, dig, build bridges, block or even bomb him self. Yes some times you have to sacrifice some lemmings to save others. It's like controlling a flow of ants without letting them getting extinct. 


Strategy, planning, hand skills, deep thinking, fast thinking, unusual thinking and more. This game combines it all. You can't feel the hours passing while your playing it. Lemmings is known to ", "3D Lemmings", "Xmas Lemmings" and more. Originaly produced by Psygnosis. This company is known for their unusual type of games like "Role Away" for PlayStation.




Lemmings II came on Amiga latter with great improvements. This time there was a full story. The original concept is the same but the overall goal was to solve all the puzzles in all Lemmings tribes. Each tribe has a part of the broken vessel that should be reassembled in order to save the lemmings. At it's time graphics and sound was superb. But It might not stand to what we see now a days in 3D high resolution games.  Any way, It's not fair to compare a 12 years old game with today's games.


Good effects or not. The game is wonderful and I still play it. Lemmings represents a big milestone in the world of gaming. It is for sure one of the best games in all gamming history. You might say: "OK, How can I play it without an Amiga ?"  There is a way. Use an Amiga emulator. An emulator is program that simulates the exact behavior of the amiga on your normal PC. Yes it is possible. Read here for instruction of how to do it. 


If you want to try the game, be warned,  I'm not responsible for any lack of sleep, hair loss, your wife shouting at you at midnight to close the computer. If you wake up in the morning and find a dead lemming laying down in your bath room then I'm sure you won't be surprised. (Just kidding :)


Download links Price:  N/A

Original Company: Psygnosis

License: N/A

Not Rated







Ricochet, hmmm. I saw this exact word once in a pinball game board on the Amiga. I'm not sure what it means but I'm sure about one thing, This game is the best BBB (Bar Ball Bricks) I have seen until now. I saw the first BBB on the Amiga called "Mega Ball". Then I played another very addictive one on a nintedo clone console. DX ball came on the PC when I just felt that BBB is dying. Then DX Ball2.


I played all of those and I say it very confidently, None has been like Ricochet. The first thing that grabs your eyes is the dazzling graphics, and thundering explosion sounds. Just put a subwoofer speaker and hear. No need to waste time explaining the game. Just start it and you'll under stand. with a total of 170 with 4 difficulty settings itís like having 680 levels. Exploding bricks, seemingly indestructible bricks, multi-hit bricks, power-up and penalty hiding bricks, moving bricks, and bricks that change their neighboring bricks with a chain reaction effect. Those thing have never been heard of in BBB games. 


Power-ups, laser guns, missile launchers, electrical ion sphere catchers, sphere multipliers, sphere decelerators, shield expanders, and extra balls. How can I think of some thing else ? But wait there is more. The levels are in different 4 arenas. You won't be board of seeing same bricks all time.


Unfortunately (As in other BBB games) there is still no level editor. Nor there is net multiplayer playing. The only two reasons I rate it 2nd class. Still, The game is worth every penny. If you think you can find a better BBB game then tell me because I'll be surprised.



Download Price:  $19.99

Company: Reflexive

License: Shareware

Rated 2nd class



Castle Mouse 2000




 The elephant scares the lion. The lion scares the bare. The bare scares the dog. The dog scares the cat. the cat scares the rat and the rat scares....


.... the elephant !!


Heh, Is it true ? well true or not. Prepare all what you've got. because Castle Mouse is hot. Your the king, and you'll do any thing to get rid of that nasty little mouse. Even if it means turning you castle into a zoo to scare the mouse. The puzzle is all about developing a plan of scaring animals by a certain sequence that will end up in scaring the mouse into the hole. I never sow something like it before. Very original idea. (I think)


Contains a level editor. A solution finder, And can connect to the net to talk with other people playing the game. I can't say the graphics is outstanding but it's reasonable. Music is not bad.



Download Price:  $19.95

Company: Jig Interactive

License: Shareware

Rated 3rd class


Magnurt v2.0




Your the magnet, flip your charge pressing space bar to repel charges away from you. You must make it to the exit. Extra bonus tiles are available to increase your score. Collect power gems like teleport, shield, electro-magnetic pulses, neutralizing pulses.


Acceptable graphics and sounds. There are more that 70 levels ranging from easy to extreme. This game can be very addictive at it's hard levels.


Download Price:  $19.95

Company: Kurrent Interactive

License: Shareware

Rated 3rd class




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