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Touch Puf v1.5.5  (7.6 MB) for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.

FREE for All


Important: You will need DirectX 3 or above to make it run properly. Winodws 95 users might need to install Internet Explorer 5.01 or above.


First 100 Passcodes  Because of the many questions I'm receiving about levels and a request from one Touch Pufer. I have decided to provide all passcodes for the first 100 levels. I kept the final 50 levels with me to keep the challenge in the game.


First 100 Solutions By Michael De Smet

A logging file containing the solutions of all levels from 1 to 100. Many thanks go to Michael De Smet for providing them. Keep an eye on this file as it might contain more levels in the future.