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Version 1.5.5  + It's FREE !!

Yes, you read right. Touch Puf is now FREE !!. Since I no longer have enough time to upgrade the game like before. And since... a couple of other reasons. I finally publish the game as freeware for the public. You no longer need registration files. The game is unlocked. Have fun !!


New in this minor update:

1. New tile set.

2. The installation file is much smaller. About 2.5mb less. I found a better way to compress it.

3. Small visual and sound enhancements.


What's Touch Puf ?



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If your tiered of Tetris, Jigsaw etc...   If you are looking for a new puzzle game. If your looking for something different. Download Touch Puf. Touch Puf is fully featured with more than 100 levels ranging from very easy to very hard, a level editor that will allow you to create your own Touch Puf games. Password protection such that you can give the games you create to your friends without allowing them to edit your game (unless they reach the last level of your game). Solution recording (logging), to record and replay your solutions. In this version, graphics, sound and music is GREATLY enhanced. Now Touch Puf looks and feels very fun. What's better, It's FREE for all registered users. If you like the old version your gona love this one.


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