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Rings Of The Magi




With no doubt to me this is one of the best puzzles of it's kind, (If there is something of it's kind). Rings Of the Magi from MVP Software has been chosen by Computer Gaming World as the best puzzle game of the year. With 300 boards, The simplicity of the game play but at the same time addictivity of the levels can give you hours of fun and deep thinking. Very nice looking graphics rare to find in puzzle games these days with above the standard music. Surprisingly, although Rings Of the Magi is a puzzle it has a story of adventure style. The story gives you an aim and meaning as to why you are solving the boards. Read it for more excitement. There are rewards (Trophies) after each 50 levels of a rank. When you complete the game you will be given the ultimate reward.


A solve button is available to solve a board if you just can't seem to crack that board. You can also undo your moves. The full version comes with a board editor to create and play your own board designs and give them to your friends!!. I remember previous versions of this game has been around since about 5 years ago. I first saw it on PC mag. But it had never been like this before. When I saw it again now I said WAW.


It's not easy to find some thing missing in this game. But as suggestions for next versions. I would like to see some more additional elements or tools other than the rings and arrows to make it more puzzling. Some thing like a color changer or a gate that allows only certain rings to pass would be nice.


Download  7.46 MB Price:  $19.95

Company: MVP Software

License: Shareware

Rated 1st class



Penguin Puzzle




Lines with a twist. Yes you might think that this is just another Lines game with good graphics. In fact the game is similar to Lines in a sense. But you'll notice the big differences as soon as you play it. First it's not lines that get disappeared but Squares do. That is, you have to assemble the ice cubes together to form squares. Second, There are special shapes that you have to form. If you do assemble a special shape a bonus ice cube appears with special powers to help you destroy more ice cubes. These Ideas are not very common in the lines games. And because of them you can last more on this game than normal lines games which you usually end up quickly stuck in so many tiles.


What's special about this game is it's astonishing graphics. Music and effects are very pleasant to my ear. A lines game can't be better. It would make a fantastic game if it was available on hand held PCs. Those are the games that I would like to play while I'm on trip.


Download  3 MB Price:  $19.95

Author: Luc Van den Borre


License: Shareware

Rated 3rd class



Marbles Deluxe


This is reeeaaally something special. Not like any other puzzle I have seen before. The idea and game play is completely original, unique and new to the puzzle gaming world (At least from what I have seen). You are the marble blue ball. Goal is to reach the exit. But before that you have to collect all green gems. You have to plan the path for the ball without letting it down or blown up. There are many objects on the levels which makes it more difficult for you, such as arrows, keys, locks, teleporters, sculls and more. With 96 levels in the full version, GRRREAT art and music. This game is a real fun.


More gems and backgrounds are in the full version. You can even create your own levels. If your fed up of tetris, jigsaw and lines. This game is a completely different thing.


This game was ported from an original game on the Amiga way back in 1991. I did not play it at that time. I have found it on the net recently by coincidence at it's company's site and I'm happy I did. I can't give it less than the 1st class.


Download  7.46 MB Price:  $17.99

Company: Retro64

License: Shareware

Rated 1st class



Swarm Assault v1.03




Well, This is not my typical type of game. But I mention it hear for it's excellence. Have you ever played war games that put you in control of the whole army treating solders like machines or ants that give there lifes to serve your plans. Well, this game gives you the insects alternative. You are in control of a colony and your mission is to expand your insect empire by attacking other insect colonies from different species. Ants, Beetles, Spiders, Scorpions. 100 levels with 4 different terrains and surprisingly a level editor to create your own levels!!


What's unique in this type of war is that the colonies actually create (or build) the insect solders. So that even if you loose all your army you can rebuild it again. There is another newer alternative game similar to this one called Swarm Rampage. Both games are very easy to learn but hard to master. No complicated army structure to waste your time in. You only concentrate on your strategy to conquer. Graphics and sounds are professionally done for both games.


I'm actually waiting for the new Swarm Rampage to improve more before I review it. If Swarm Assault had net multiplayer support I would have rated it 1st class. The documentation doesn't mention that it has net multiplayer support and I don't have the full version to tell.


Download  5.5 MB Price: $17.95

Company: Gate 5 Software, Mountain King Studios

License: Shareware

Rated 2nd class


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